Camp Agape Oregon, a few things you may want to know.

What is Camp Agape?

Camp Agape Oregon is a 4 day experience for children in Lane County, Oregon who have a parent in prison. Men and women from a diverse group of churches and services come together to provide an incredible time for these kids, with the purpose of breaking cycles of incarceration by introducing the healing and hope that can be found through the love God has shown to each of us through his Son, Jesus Christ.

Camp Agape is also complemented by Agape Youth, our year round ministry to children affected by incarceration. This ministry includes a growing mentorship program, monthly youth nights in Lane County, bi-monthly Family First events in the prisons, all-state reunions and numerous other opportunities to partner with and bless the families of the inmates.

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How did Camp Agape come to Oregon?

The vision for Camp Agape Oregon was inherited from a group of dedicated men and women in Hawaii, who after years of working with incarcerated individuals, felt the call to minister to the families left behind. Camp Agape Hawaii, under the leadership of Pastor Roy Yamamoto, will be entering it’s 7th summer of providing this unique opportunity tailored to the hearts and needs of children who have a parent in prison.

In the summer of 2011, Andy Papendieck, a minister to incarcerated men in Oregon, took a small team to witness Camp Agape Hawaii first hand. This team caught the bug and in 2012 God blessed over 100 kids and 100 volunteers with the opportunity to be a part of the very first Camp Agape Oregon!

Our heart for this ministry is that camp be a starting point for meaningful follow up year round with the families who attend. With this goal in mind, Camp Agape will now focus geographically on the Lane County area, and our hope is that this will allow the ministry of Camp Agape to grow and develop into something that could later be replicated by other churches and organizations throughout the state, and potentially reach into other states as well!


Who can attend Camp Agape?

Children aged 7-17 who live in Lane County and currently have a parent in prison are welcome to attend Camp Agape Oregon. To register a child, please click on the registration tab above and fill out our secure online form. Registration will close on July 31, unless camp fills prior to that date, at which point we will open up a waiting list.

Please note: With the change in focus to children in Lane County, we recognize that there are families from outside the area who would like to have their child attend as well. We are unable to accept new campers from outside the Lane County area, we will be reserving 30 spaces for children who attended camp for the first time last year, and would like to return for their final season with us.



What is the cost of Camp Agape?

Here’s the amazing part! Camp Agape is FREE to every child who attends. This includes all of the supplies needed for the week (t shirts, toiletries, bedding, Bibles, school supplies etc.) in order to ease the burden on families as they prepare to send their child to camp and all of which they take home. For Camp Agape 2013, the cost to send a child to camp and provide everything they need is $350. This opportunity is only made possible by the generous donations and grants given by individuals and groups, including men in our prisons,  who support the vision of Camp Agape. If you would  like to participate financially in the ministry of Camp Agape, please visit our Donate tab above.


Who is responsible for Camp Agape? 

Camp Agape is truly a partnership of many churches and individuals who have a heart for these special kids and their families. Over 100 volunteers participate in this weekend event. The Camp Agape Board gives general oversight to the directors and team leaders, this year’s leadership team is comprised of many of the staff from University Fellowship Church, with mentors and volunteers coming from ministries like, First Baptist Church of Eugene, New Hope International and many more from the Lane County and around the state. If you would like more info on volunteering please check out the volunteer tab above for more info.